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AnyClip is a leading technological platform for video monetization and personalization.

AnyClip has curated a rich video content library made up of a million clips from the world’s leading premium content owners, film studios, and sports teams. Through proprietary technology, AnyClip is able to enrich each clip with an AI-driven metadata layer of insights, match and seamlessly blend content with relevant ads, and serve personalized ads to consumers by predicting the content they are most likely to find compelling.

This enables advertisers to personalize their video ad campaigns and achieve better ROI. It positively impacts consumers, who receive more relevant and engaging video ads. And it helps content owners better monetize existing video and publishers increase ad revenue.

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AnyClip’s team of world-class software engineers and data scientists have spent years developing proprietary technology that leverages AI to tag video content, weave content with relevant ads, and serve the right ad to the right person.

These core technologies can be grouped into three layers: The first layer is Artificial Intelligence-Driven Smart Video Tagging. A rich layer of metadata describes elements in each second of video, as well as emotions and advertising categories. A second patent-pending technology, the WeaVo™ engine, matches a single video ads with many content clips and blends them together seamlessly to form many new ads. The third layer is AnyClip’s Smart Recommendation Engine, Sense & Match™. This engine uses internal and external DMPs to analyze users and serve them relevant ads.

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