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Modernize your live or virtual event -- and your business model – with Luminous Watch video on demand (VOD) technology. Using uniquely efficient, AI-powered tools and automation, grow your audience, maximize your value and focus attention on your brand before, during and after your event.

Automate and elevate your digital event experience

As conferences, meetings, trade shows and concerts increasingly shift online, audience standards are quickly evolving. Great digital events require great online video experiences that make it easy for guests to find and focus on content they’re interested in. But by over-emphasizing the livestream and undersupporting valuable lead-in and longtail content experiences, audience and revenue opportunities get lost.

Don’t miss out on your event’s bigger value! Use AnyClip’s Luminous Watch technology to easily host an online event experience that goes before and beyond the livestream itself. Using patented AI at its core, Luminous Watch’s automated back-end platform ingests content from any source and analyzes, tags and organizes your digital video library. On its front end, Luminous Watch then organizes your content into a browsable video hub, automatically building channels and playlists, powering interactive features, enabling advanced search capabilities and lining up dynamic content recommendations that keep your audience tuned in before, during and long after your main show.

Event Video Solutions

Bring Your Event to Life

  • Get Started Easily

    Create your event video hub and easily add it to your own domain. Introduce featured talent and host an engaging pre-show content experience that builds excitement for main-show programming . Need pre-show content? No problem. Access to premium, licensed video libraries is available, free of charge, as a part of any standard Luminous Watch Event service.

  • Create Leads and Drive Traffic to Your Domain

    From open access to VIP experiences, control your event video hub page access based on your audience’s paid participation level. Connect Luminous Watch to your third-party event

  • Stream Live or Ingest Content Automatically

    Stream live directly within your video hub page or on other pages on your site for a real-time content experience. Ingest content from partner feeds, direct upload from your social media channels and pull in content from an existing video library. Wherever or however your video content exists, Luminous Watch gets it analyzed, organized and ready to publish, instantly.

  • Manage and Personalize Your Content Experience

    Using Luminous Watch’s AI engine, automatically tag, structure and activate the data of your videos in real time. Use content data to organize your content into channels and sub-channels, through any combination of automation or manual curation. Use this same content data to personalize your event experience, informing dynamic content recommendations and interactive features and spotlighting speakers.

  • Make Your Event Searchable

    Luminous Watch makes it easy for your audience to find what they want, when they want it. Using advanced, data-powered search features, find videos by searching for any person, brand, product keyword or phrase.

  • Monetize Assets & Add Value for Sponsors

    Add value for sponsors and grow revenue for your digital event with Luminous Watch’s sponsorship and monetization features. Easily integrate sponsors into page graphics and distribute their branded content video side by side with relevant editorial content. Make your event video players “shoppable” by using AnyClip’s X-Ray features to automatically surface links to read more or buy now as relevant terms or topics are mentioned within your event content. Traffic pre-roll insertions anywhere on your event page and extend your sponsors’ reach with content-targeted placements on premium partner sites.

  • Track Engagement and Performance

    Insightful, content-data-powered analytics dashboards make measuring your event’s success a breeze. Track revenue performance according to video title, channel, topic, keyword and more. Understand which brands, hosts, keywords or other criteria drive the strongest engagements with viewers. Review playback data to find the most popular videos across your digital ecosystem.

  • Get Support

    Need support? Have a question? White-glove tech support and service are available 24/7.

For your audience, for your sponsors and for your team: raise the value of your online event with Luminous Watch.

Transform AI Conference

Challenge​: Successfully shift VentureBeat’s Annual VB Transform AI conference – now in its fourth year – to an exclusively digital format.

Solution​: Using AnyClip’s Livestream and Luminous Watch technology, host, organize, livestream and distribute the VB Transform virtual event experience in ways that add value for participants, sponsors and production staff.

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