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Luminous X

Lower the barriers to growing your business

AnyClip’s Luminous X player is a data-powered video streaming solution bringing premium content access, smart audience engagement tools and monetization services together in one place.

Automated, Matching Video Recommendation Player

Curate high-value video experiences with minimal effort.

Luminous X combines AI analysis with advanced automation tools, giving you the power to streamline workflows, keep viewers happy and grow your video business...easier.

  • Create Video and Article Harmony

    Luminous X automation tools use video content data to match videos from your library to the contents of your article pages, creating a more meaningful streaming experience for your users. Need more video in your library? Access premium licensed video feeds at no additional cost.

  • Keep Viewers Engaged

    Luminous X keeps viewer attention while saving editorial teams time by using content data to build playlists of related videos. This same data also powers interactive features within the player itself that recommend links to read or view more about featured people or brands.

  • Grow Revenue

    Access full or ancillary support to monetize your Luminous X video inventory. Grow your catalog of direct-sold advertising solutions with AI-powered content-targeting capabilities and brand-safety filtering.

See the difference. Grow a smarter video business with Luminous X today.

Meet the next generation of video streaming solutions

Luminous X uses core AI technology to analyze your video’s image and audio contents frame-by-frame, creating a rich and actionable dataset that unites the player’s back-end content management platform with audience-facing, in-player engagement tools.

Combined with optional content access and monetization services, Luminous X offers media companies unbeatable value and convenience.

Access premium content libraries

Access libraries of free, of-the-moment video content from dozens of premium sources to use alongside–or in place of–your own video catalog. Any video visible to the Luminous Platform can be analyzed, activated with content data and streamed to your viewers through Luminous X players.

Seamlessly integrate

Luminous X uses content data to match relevant video content to the right article contexts on your site. This gives your viewers more of what they want, helping to lift time on page and increasing video engagements. Win-win-win.

Keep viewer attention longer

Luminous X uses content data to automate the process of selecting videos and building playlists, holding viewer attention while saving time for editorial teams. To keep viewers tuned in, the player can also display links to read or view more about featured people or brands seen within your content.

Grow video revenue

New monetization opportunities await with Luminous X. Create new inventory by keeping your viewers more engaged on your site. Monetize their attention through your direct-sold campaigns, or by tapping the support of AnyClip's demand services. Increase the value of your inventory by offering marketers advanced brand safety or content targeting controls, powered by your Luminous X data.


Need a quick visual on revenue impact? No problem. Luminous X offers content-data-powered business intelligence tools, including real-time dashboards, with engaging charts and graphs. Track business performance. Track content performance. Need to take it up a notch? Our support team is on-hand to help with custom reports and one-on-one analysis of your data, helping you to sharpen your strategy.

Watchr Media

We have worked with a variety of content recommendation technologies and units. Generally, they provide a poor user experience from low quality, sensational or irrelevant content. AnyClip, by contrast, provides relevant video content that is additive to our stories, ensuring our users have additional reasons to stay on-site and engage.


Working with AnyClip over the past couple of years has been a pleasure. From the start, they’ve been receptive, responsive, and collaborative. Their product is unique and beneficial both in terms of boosting revenue but also in user engagement. As we’re in a small entertainment niche, it’s amazing to see their product adapt and provide reliable and engaging videos to sit alongside our content.


Before AnyClip, our readers complained about the content from our previous provider, as it often had nothing to do with Apple at all. Because their video was out of sync with our target audience, our revenue kept dropping. Since working with AnyClip, we now have video that’s relevant and a way to easily see how we’re doing. Our revenues are up and we don’t get complaints from our readers anymore!

Advanced tools. Simple pricing.

You’ve got a business to run: growing revenue shouldn’t cost you a fortune.

Better Together

The Luminous Video Platform offers media companies four, data-powered video player products. Use one player or use them all simultaneously for better insights and results.

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