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Modern business challenges require modern video tools. Future-proof your strategy with Luminous solutions.

Choose a plan that's right for your company's needs
  • Essentials
    Focus customer attention on your own domain where it’s easy for them to convert
    • Video Hub Page

    • Editorial Video Player Suite

    • Basic Analytics

    • 500 Minutes Tagging
      Unlimited Streaming

    • Unlimited Hosting


    Billed annually

  • Pro
    Attract convert customers with easy-to-use video tools designed for marketing and sales
    • All Essentials Plan Features

    • X-Ray Calls to Action

    • Lead Capture

    • (1) CRM/MAP Integration

    • Advanced Analytics

    • 1,000 Minutes Tagging
      Unlimited Streaming

    • Unlimited Hosting


    Billed annually

  • Enterprise
    Grow your brand and engage your communities in all the ways you need
    • All Pro Plan Features

    • Full VCMS Functionality

    • Multiple Video Hubs

    • Live Streaming

    • AI-Enhanced X-Ray Calls to Action

    • Multiple CRM/MAP Integrations

    • Closed Captioning

    • Custom Dashboards & Reporting

    • 5,000 Minutes Tagging
      Unlimited Streaming

    • Dedicated Account Management

    • Unlimited Hosting

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Customized features and packages are available.

Speak with us today to build a video solution that works best for your business' needs.

Video Streaming & Publishing
Luminous Watch Video Hub11Unlimited
Luminous Studio Editorial Video Player
Luminous X Content Recommendation Player
Luminous N Native Carousel Player
Live Streaming
Publish to Email
Publish to Social
Player EmbedsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Domain Whitelabeling
Player and Layout Styling
Player API
Conversion & Engagement Tools
Manual X-Ray Calls to Action
AI X-Ray Calls to Action
Lead Capture & Content Gating
CRM/MAP IntegrationOne PlatformMany Platforms
Video Sharing
Social Engagement Metrics
Advertising Monetization
Content Discovery & Recommendation
Video Content Search Tool
Manual Channel & Playlist Curation
Automatic Channel & Playlist Curation
Video Content Page Matching
Video AI
Closed Captioning
Automated Tagging
Speech Tagging
Brand Safety Tagging
Content Categorization
Custom Taxonomies
Content Ingestion & Management
Unlimited Hosting
Manual Uploads
Auto Upload - MRSS Feeds
Auto Upload: Social Accounts (YouTube, Vimeo, etc)
Auto Upload: S3, CSV or Custom
Video Transcoding
Manual Content Labeling
Content Delivery (CDN) with Adaptive Streaming
Multi-language Support
Full VCMS Functionality
Scheduled Reports
Video Performance Insights
Custom Dashboard and Reports
Reporting APIs
SSO Integration
Wordpress Plugin
Custom Integrations
Email/Online Support
Premium Support
Onboarding and Customization Support
Dedicated Account Manager
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