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Platform Updates: December 19, 2019

Dec 19th, 2019By AnyClip

AnyClip WordPress Plugin

AnyClip’s WordPress Plugin goes live on December 29, 2019.

Seamlessly integrate players, videos, and playlists into your WordPress-powered site with the AnyClip WordPress Plugin.

Drawing upon the full power of AnyClip’s Luminous Video Platform, AnyClip’s WordPress plugin integrates with editorial workflows, using AI content data to power easy search, management, measurement, and distribution of your videos.

Install and activate the new AnyClip WordPress plugin to begin managing video content from your AnyClip account right within your admin panel.

Starting with a new post/page

Provide a title and a paragraph

Note: to ensure a successful video upload it is recommended to save the draft after each step.

Add the AnyClip playlist

Click and login to your AnyClip video manager account

Choose a specific video

After successfully uploading, the thumbnail of your first video choice will be visible

Speak with our team today to learn more about the new AnyClip WordPress plugin!

Evergreen Attribute

AnyClip Video Manager now provides a new Evergreen Video feature. Mark videos as evergreen for use by the Luminous recommendation engine for content that stays relevant over time.

Evergreen Video Attribute

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