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Looking Forward to 2021

Dec 10th, 2020By Gil Becker

This year has been challenging all around and we’re all hoping for a brighter 2021. We’re hopeful for the progress of our medical community and the possibility of a reliable solution to the decline and eventual end of COVID. We’re hopeful for a renewed stability of our economy. And we’re hopeful for the continued success of our customers, our partners, and our business. What will drive our success in the coming year? 

When I think about all we need to accomplish this year I see a clear path. Not because I have a crystal ball, but because I’m confident in our ability to be nimble and make decisions that are different than we’ve made in past years. There are four areas I believe that if we focus on, we’ll build the momentum needed to meet and exceed our expectations.

Strong Content: Sharing the best content to the right audiences. We must understand viewers’ needs to give them the information to make decisions.

Healthy Monetization Partnerships: Create more opportunities to deliver partners’ advertising messages to the correct audiences. By building these relationships and working together, both sides can grow their audiences and revenues together. 

Clear Insights: Study data to find the trends of audience consumption and revenue growth to understand the success drivers and areas of opportunity.

Confident Decisions: Build new platform features — or elevate content experiences— to better serve our customers, their audience, and their advertisers.

We look forward to supporting you at every step of the way. Happy holidays and best wishes for a healthy, happy and successful 2021.

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