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Introducing Luminous Watch: An Award-Winning VOD Solution

Mar 5th, 2020

We were thrilled to announce this week that AnyClip has received funding from the Google News Initiative’s Innovation Challenge to create Luminous Watch, a groundbreaking VOD streaming video solution for media companies of any size or type.

As the world advances into streaming, AnyClip’s Luminous Watch presents an incredible opportunity for any media company to establish their own video-on-demand business easily and affordably: an ambitious shift to democratize the tools and technologies traditionally exclusive to the media elite.

A sneak-preview of the Luminous Watch experience features

At AnyClip, we believe in the power of innovation to create better content experiences and sustain better business models.  Enabled by Google News Initiative funding, we’re delighted to present Luminous Watch today as a bold new solution for any media company to achieve exactly this.  

What can you do with Luminous Watch?

  • Host streaming experiences on your website or mobile app that look and function like today’s most popular on-demand services
  • Customize Luminous Watch to integrate with the visuals 
  • Get access to free, premium licensed video content or bring your own  
  • Analyze, organize and manage video content and curate playlists using the Platform’s AI-powered back-end tools  
  • Keep viewers tuned-in with dynamic, automated content recommendations that adapt to actual user engagements or trending signals 
  • Monetize your growing audience with unique ad solutions
  • Measure everything about your video content and business performance

Luminous Watch is the fourth AI-powered streaming video product to join AnyClip’s Luminous Platform lineup.  While we expect to release our first official version of the product later this summer, media companies are invited to participate in a limited Beta program now, granting early access to some of the experience and content management features Luminous Watch will ultimately support.

Interested in learning more about Luminous Watch and our current Beta program? Speak with our team today to get started.

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