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Framing Video’s Future for News: A Publisher’s Perspective

Sep 10th, 2020By AnyClip

What will news audiences expect from video experiences in the future, and what role will video business play for online journalism in the months to come? 

We recently caught up with Clemens Pilz, Head of Digital Development and Video for, one of Austria’s largest daily news organizations, to get his take on what’s ahead for the format.

Q: What types of content do you think your audience will want more of in the future?

A: From what we see now, we predict the demand for online video to keep rising. Our audience values authenticity above technical quality. To meet their expectations, providing engaging, interesting content that viewers can relate to is the most important editorial task. For instance, in many cases a shaky cellphone video of a news event can create much more interest than a professionally produced clip about a politician's press conference. Of course, we still strive for a high level of technical quality.

Q: What types of formats and player experiences will they prefer?

A: Users will prefer responsive, quick players with short load times and few ads.

Q: What will the business impact be as product and content trends evolve?

A: Finding creative ways to monetize video-content will be a challenge. Due to shifting audience and market preferences, online news media will have to find additional concepts above and beyond pre- and post-rolls to create a revenue stream that can keep large teams of content-producers afloat. 

Q: What insights are you monitoring today that inform your decisions for the future?

A: Of course we are monitoring key performance indicators like video-views, view time, bounce rate etc.  In addition, we value and therefore monitor feedback we receive from our users on social media, our comment section and via e-mail as a means for keeping tabs on what our viewers need and like.

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