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AnyClip Offers No-Cost Integration of Video On-Demand Platform and Real-time COVID-19 News Content to Publishers and Organizations

As data confirms streaming surge in global hot spots, AnyClip provides free Google-funded resource to support the industry’s need to keep the public apprised

NEW YORK – March 25, 2020- To support the need for organizations of all types to keep the public informed of the latest news on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, video data and technology company AnyClip today announced that it is offering free implementation of the beta version of its VOD platform, Luminous Watch, which is supported by the Google News Initiative. The offer enables media companies, brands and other organizations to host and curate their own VOD pages with owned content as well as AnyClip’s full catalog of premium, licensed news video about the pandemic, without incurring licensing, per stream or other subscription fees. 

“As people around the world isolate, they turn to online media for the latest on the virus outbreak. But as video traffic booms, technology costs rise as ad revenues decline. For most media companies, this situation is unsustainable,” says Gil Becker, President and CEO of AnyClip. “This is the challenge we seek to address with Luminous Watch. We are providing an effective, uncomplicated means for any company or organization to keep viewers informed, enabled by free access to the tools, content and distribution technologies they need to stream.”

AnyClip’s Luminous Watch VOD platform is easily integrated into any website using a customizable page template. On its front-end, Luminous Watch mimics the look and functionality of today’s most popular streaming services and aggregates video content for viewers to browse, share and stream on-demand. On the back-end, AnyClip’s AI powers advanced content analysis and management tools which make it easy for any media company to upload, analyze, organize and build playlists with owned and licensed video libraries. Publishers can access AnyClip’s Business Intelligence dashboards to better understand and find opportunities to address their audiences’ informational needs. Live technical support and training are also part of AnyClip’s offer. A sample implementation can be found at

According to analysis of AnyClip’s global player load data, the demand for and consumption of streaming video is surging as audiences turn to the internet for the latest information about the outbreak. The company observed a doubling of page views in Italy and quadrupling in China following the introduction of quarantines. As more U.S. cities institute shelter-in-place orders, the company expects to see an exponential increase in streaming activity. Since the majority of this content is not monetized — whether due to industry-wide declines in advertising campaign activity, to publisher preferences to stream virus-related video without advertising support, or both– AnyClip is giving providers a way to supply this surging streaming demand without incurring financial losses stemming from use of third-party content or players. 

For more information on implementing the Luminous Watch Coronavirus Newsroom, please visit:

About AnyClip

AnyClip is a video data and technology company revolutionizing the digital video industry with tools, insights and services for media companies and advertisers. Using patented AI analysis and deep video content data at its core, AnyClip’s Luminous Platform tools and players challenge traditional, manual-data-powered solutions by using automation to support more efficient and effective video strategies. The Platform offers four AI-powered video player products: Luminous Studio, an online video platform (OVP) and editorially-curated player; Luminous X, a fully-automated video recommendation player; Luminous N, a native content recommendation player; and Luminous Watch, a streaming video experience page that mimics the functionality and design of today’s most popular video-on-demand services that recently received funding from the Google News Initiative (GNI). In addition to technology products, the Company also offers full monetization and account support services for media companies, as well as data-supported advertising solutions for marketers and brands. AnyClip has growing offices in New York, Tel Aviv, London and Berlin and is backed by Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), Roman Abramovich’s Ervington Investments, former Sony America President & CEO Michael Schulhof, and Limelight Networks. For more information, visit

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