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AnyClip Launches Luminous Watch Event Video Solution

Automated video hub technology maximizes lifetime value of events 

for hosts, attendees and sponsors

NEW YORK, NY - July 8, 2020 - As virtual events, conferences and trade shows gain popularity among event hosts and audiences alike, video data and technology company AnyClip is launching Luminous Watch for Events, a specialized version of it’s Google News Initiative-supported video on demand (VOD) platform.

The newest solution in AnyClip’s Luminous Video Platform lineup, Luminous Watch for Events enables event organizers to maximize the lifetime value of their events by hosting turn-key, dynamic, on-demand experiences on their own domains, retaining ownership of the relationship with viewers while presenting lead-in, live and post-event content collections in a searchable hub enhanced with smart interactive features.

The first event to leverage Luminous Watch for Events will be VentureBeat’s Transform 2020 Conference, recognized as the AI event of the year for business executives. For its first all-virtual conference, VentureBeat promises an event that will double down on results-driven content to help business leaders gain and maintain a competitive edge. By using Luminous Watch, VentureBeat will be able to add value for attendees and sponsors far beyond that possible with traditional live streams and YouTube distribution.

During the event, sessions will be live streamed via AnyClip’s Luminous Platform players across VentureBeat’s website. Following the event, AnyClip’s AI backbone will automatically tag, aggregate and organize the conference content into categories, making the entire content collection searchable and browsable through Luminous Watch’s user-friendly video hub. This always-on resource will grow the Transform event audience and extend its digital footprint, serving the long-tail interests of the AI tech community long after the conference has ended.

The Luminous Watch technology also enhances the value of event sponsorship, bringing additional options for brand integrations, pre-roll placements and ecommerce opportunities that drive long-term benefit.

In addition to their role as exclusive streaming technology partner, AnyClip President and CEO, Gil Becker, will present to Conference attendees on how AI is being used to transform online video as we know it, making it more efficient and effective for everyone it touches.

“The move of events from in-person to virtual is amplifying what was already a problem: hosts simply weren’t able to continue driving value from the content once the event was over. With Luminous Watch for Events, organizers finally get the evolved toolset they need for this shifted paradigm: automated content management and curation tools, coupled with an engaging digital video experience that audiences are familiar with and enjoy,” said Gil Becker, CEO of AnyClip. “At the same time, both the organizers and the sponsors are able to continue their engagement with audiences in a way that is impossible when they cede ownership to a platform like YouTube.”

“Delivering a virtual experience that is as engaging as the one in the real world is definitely a challenge. With AnyClip and our media platform, we are not only achieving this goal but exceeding expectations around engagement of our content, says Lauren O'Brien, COO of VentureBeat. “With a digital event, we have the ability to expand our reach to thousands of AI executives across the globe and with AnyClip as our video partner we can deliver a best-of-both-worlds conference whether it occurs in the real or virtual one.”

About AnyClip

AnyClip is a video data and technology company revolutionizing the digital video industry with tools, insights and services for media companies and advertisers. Using patented AI analysis and deep video content data, AnyClip’s Luminous Platform tools and players challenge traditional, manual-data-powered solutions by using automation to support more efficient and effective video strategies. AnyClip is located in New York, Tel Aviv, London and Berlin and is backed by Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), Roman Abramovich’s Ervington Investments, former Sony America President & CEO Michael Schulhof, and Limelight Networks. For more information, please visit

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