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Luminous Ads

Ground-breaking technology for video impact

For marketers, get exclusive access to premium video audiences and lift the relevance of your advertising campaigns with AI-powered content targeting controls using AnyClip’s Luminous Ad solutions.

Marketing Solutions

Data-powered relevance at scale

In a first-of-its-kind approach, AnyClip’s Luminous Platform uses core AI technology to create and organize the data of video content. Through two complementary spheres of service, Luminous data simultaneously powers engaging streaming video solutions for media companies and advanced campaign solutions for marketers.

Gain control, accuracy and relevance

Use Luminous for your campaigns in ways that meet users’ privacy expectations and exceed the capabilities of browser cookie data or publishers’ manually-tagged content metadata alone.

  • Scale To Viewers On Premium Sites

    Gain access to a half a billion viewers and billions of opportunities across hundreds of domains each month. Luminous Ads gives your brand exclusive access to premium video inventory, aligned with professionally-produced content across a range of consumer interests.

  • Control Brand Safety

    Luminous Ads’ AI content analysis flags and filters videos by more than 10 brand safety categories, giving you control to avoid appearing adjacent to negative, explicit, user-generated or competitive video content.

  • Align With The Right Content

    With Luminous Ads, combine human-directed strategies with the latest AI data technologies to achieve better results for your ad campaigns, in ways that comply with CCPA, GDPR and other user privacy regulations. 

See the difference. Engage your targets efficiently with Luminous Ads.

Do more, smarter, with video content data

Use Luminous Ads AI-powered solutions to reach more of the right viewers, gain control over your context and achieve better outcomes for your marketing initiatives.

  • Connect with your customers at scale

    Deliver your messages to target customers as they consume video content across the Luminous Ads portfolio of sites

    • Reach a half a billion viewers across hundreds of premium domains 
    • Access exclusive video ad inventory known to be highly-viewable and highly-relevant to viewer interests 
    • Layer traditional cookie-based targeting on top of, or in place of, your Luminous content targeting capabilities
  • Maintain brand safety

    Avoid aligning with content that could negatively affect how consumers perceive your brand. Go beyond the capabilities of page-crawling analysis engines to control the contexts where your ads will appear.

    • Use AI content analysis to more-reliably detect mature, explicit or negative video content streaming within Luminous Platform players. Filter by more than 10 brand safety categories. 
    • Direct your campaigns to avoid appearing adjacent to flagged content at your discretion 
    • Further control campaign delivery by whitelisting and blacklisting by domain, by content owner or by content formats
  • Align with the right contexts

    Increase your relevance with viewers by controlling the context of where your video ads appear.

    •  Make a more meaningful impact by matching ads with relevant video contexts across the Luminous Ads portfolio. Use content data to segment delivery by over 100,000 criteria, including people, brands, keywords, actions and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab’s Standard Content Taxonomy 
    • Champion your brand to in-market shoppers and conquest attention away from your competition by using content data to deliver ads next to video content featuring your products or those of your competitors
  • Remain flexible

    Run your campaigns working with all the methods, marketplaces and formats you require.

    • Access Luminous Ads inventory through direct or programmatic buying channels 
    • Support both VAST and VPAID ad formats 
    • Traffic campaigns according to viewability criteria, placement type, player attributes, device type, operating systems, and specific geo locations 
    • Ensure quality campaign delivery using industry-standard third party verification tools, including Moat, Integral Ad Sciences (IAS) and White Ops
  • Get support

    Track the performance of your campaigns and optimize your success with industry-leading account management support.

Case Study

Objective: A major streaming entertainment brand sought to promote a new sci-fi/thriller series to the show's target audience of sci-fi and fantasy fans.

Strategy: Deliver tune-in preroll to viewers across AnyClip network, using Luminous™ content data to align ads with video content featuring the show’s stars or about topics that are relevant to show themes.

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