AnyClip is amongst Israel’s 15 top-funded startups

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Our country-by-country analysis of the top funded startups continues with the latest installment – Israel.

One of the most impressive aspects of Israel’s startup ecosystem is the innate need to build products that have a global appeal. Israeli entrepreneurs are limited by the small domestic market – with only 8 million residents, it’s not big enough to sustain companies that only look inward. There are also security challenges to contend with.

Despite these barriers, Israeli startups continue to innovate and attract significant investor cash. In 2015 alone, startups from the country raised a cumulative US$3.6 billion in fundingwith an average deal size of US$10.9 million. The overall tally represented 67 percent growth from 2014.

Our list of the top funded startups in Israel – using figures from our database – shows dominance in the cybersecurity, adtech, and big data verticals, areas where companies from the country have traditionally excelled in. There’s also a place for public transport app startup Moovit, which raised a gargantuan US$50 million last year.