The IAB starts 2017 with a new digital vision and CEO

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MPritchard_IAB_1.29.17[1]Last month the IAB UK appointed Jon Mew as its new CEO.  Mew has been at the IAB UK since 2008, joining as the first Head of Mobile before stepping up to become Director of Mobile and Operations and then the IAB’s first Chief Operating Officer.

During the first Video Council meeting of 2017 Mew set out his vision for the IAB and what he hopes for the future.  Addressing the room he acknowledged that his first step is to listen to the IAB members on what is important and focus on building positivity around digital in an ever evolving and confused industry.

Mew recognises that there are a number of challenges the IAB needs to tackle this year.  He stated that the trade body needs to engage with agencies and brands more and also convince marketers that digital investment is not a risk, and with the aim on building their trust and love of digital and that he will stand up for digital in the press.  His overall aim is to simplify what the IAB does and make it easier to help brands get on board with digital.

The new CEO also discussed the importance of marketers and brands having an emotional connection with digital and that people make decisions based on instinctive feelings as well as logic.

The IAB will be running a number of research studies throughout the year. One of which, named ‘Impact,’ was designed to prove the ROI of digital display campaigns using connected nectar card information from Sainsbury’s customers and cookie data.  The study uses a controlled and exposed group to measure sales and brand uplift. The research showed that the campaigns used for the study averaged a £1.47 ROI for every £1 spent on digital display. The IAB plans to run a similar study focussing on video formats later in the year.

In addition, the IAB UK is also investing its time this year in investigating the importance of how the creativity of video ads affects the consumer.  The IAB has commissioned a piece of research with the central objective to help encourage clients and agencies to create bespoke digital creatives.

Dan Brilot from Differentology, the company asked to run the study, talked through how they are planning to approach the 2017 video creativity research.  The research will look at the effectiveness and preferences of different video formats and which formats encourage higher engagement an. It will also focus on the respondents’ attention by serving different versions of the ad such as the ‘original/unchanged’, ‘re-purposed’ and a ‘bespoke designed’ version.  The study and its methodology is still being refined with the help of the video council members and findings will be published in July 2017.

The first video council meeting for 2017 has set an encouraging and positive outlook for digital video, with a clear mission to educate the market to drive increase in adoption and spend in Video.

The three IAB UK objectives for video in 2017 are-

  1. Prove the effectiveness of video as brand medium, and promote creativity
  2. Educate the industry on the benefits of using video, through workshops, conferences and bespoke presentations
  3. Develop Standards and Guidelines to facilitate trade (e.g. Brand Safety,Viewability, Fraud)

The strategy adopted by the IAB for 2017 is welcoming news for AnyClip.  There are significant parallels to be drawn with their objectives and our vision for making video more personalised and engaging.  This direction will ultimately elevate AnyClip’s awareness within the market and help fuel our conversations with prospective partnerships.

We’re excited to work closely with the IAB on all of these fronts!