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Flexible Monetization Solutions

Through a robust combination of premium content, unique demand, and powerful video units, AnyClip provides publishers the most advanced and flexible monetization solutions.

While most publishers select our holistic offering – nonintrusive video units that serve both premium content and relevant ads from top brands, AnyClip’s team works closely with individual media owners to create custom solutions consisting of one or combining two monetization solutions. Publishers may integrate AnyClip’s players and content but rely on their own demand, maximize revenue through AnyClip’s demand alone, etc.

Either way, our video solutions enable publishers to maximize revenue through video while maintaining a high (and often increasing) user experience.

Unique Premium Content

Gain immediate access to premium content from our content partners:

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  • Enjoy content across all verticals, including Food, Fashion, Sports, Automotive and Travel
  • Utilize CDN services provided by AnyClip partner Limelight Network
  • Create custom playlists

Content Benefits

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    Improve stickiness and user experience by delivering relevant content

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    Leverage content to attract additional users

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    Monetize premium content through hyper-relevant in-stream ads

Unique Demand

  • High CPMs and fill rate
  • Quality video demand from top brands and trading desks
  • Programmatic campaign optimization
  • Sense & Match™ technology serves relevant ads to users
  • Minimum loading time
  • Superior ad quality control

Video Players

  • Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll and Post-Roll ads
  • All ad formats (flash+html) and lengths supported
  • In-Stream ads from AnyClip demand partners integrate with publisher content or AnyClip content
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Generate new revenue stream

  • High CPMs
  • Additional revenue does not replace existing ad placements


  • Responsive size
  • Custom size on any page
  • Custom location on any page (based on user experience requirements)
  • Cross platform – desktop and mobile

Better User Experience

  • Minimum latency (bid takes place as page loads)
  • Non-intrusive – In-Read plays only in-view and is muted (mouse-over sound)
  • Light HTML 5 player provides smooth opening/closing and smoother experience on page
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300×250 – fits any iFrame
In-banner supports ads with content or just ads
High CPM and fill rate

  • Can be set to auto-play or click-to-play
  • User-initiated sound
  • Cross platform
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Are you monetizing your website through video?

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