Mary Steenburgen in Parenthood | 1989

Clip Name: Family Bonding


Mary Steenburgen in Parenthood | 1989

Starring: Steve Martin, Mary Steenburgen and Dianne Wiest
Directed by: Ron Howard
About this actor

Mary Nell Steenburgen (born February 8, 1953) is an American actress. She has starred in over fifty films spanning thirty years of movie production. Steenburgen was most successful for playing Lynda Dummar in the 1980 film Melvin and Howard, which earned her an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. Steenburgen was born in Newport, Arkansas, the daughter of Nellie Mae (née Wall), a school-board secretary, and Maurice Steenburgen, a freight-train conductor who worked at the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Steenburgen grew up in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Steenburgen married Malcolm McDowell in 1980 and they had two children together: Lilly Amanda (now Lilly McDowell Walton), born January 31, 1981, and Charles Malcolm, born July 10, 1983. The two divorced in 1990, and Steenburgen has been married to actor Ted Danson since 1995. In September 2005, she and Danson provided a guest lecture for students at the Clinton School of Public Service where they discussed their roles in public service as...

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