John Candy in Jfk | 1991

Clip Name: I Don't Know Anything


John Candy in Jfk | 1991

Starring: Martin Sheen, Sally Kirkland and Anthony Ramirez
Directed by: Oliver Stone
About this actor

John Franklin Candy (October 31, 1950 – March 4, 1994) was a Canadian actor and comedian. He rose to fame as a member of the Toronto, Ontario branch of The Second City, its related Second City Television series, and in his role in comedy films such as Stripes, Splash, Cool Runnings, The Great Outdoors, and Uncle Buck. One of his most renowned onscreen performances was that of Del Griffith, the loquacious, on the move shower curtain ring salesman in the John Hughes comedy Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Candy died of a heart attack in 1994. Candy was born in Newmarket, Ontario, son of Sidney James Candy and his wife Evangeline (Aker) Candy. He had an older brother, Jim, and a younger brother known as Young Nicky. He was raised in a working-class Roman Catholic family. Candy graduated from Neil McNeil High School, an all-boys Catholic public school in Toronto, where he played Canadian football. Candy's first movie role was a small uncredited appearance in the 1973 film Class of '44. He...

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